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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deep Cuts: Soundtracks

The Taint SoundtrackWhat do you do when you are tasked with organizing the soundtrack for one of the most shocking and disturbing b-movies made in the past 50 years?

Do you: A) play it safe and use an eerie combination of sparse sound effects as in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? B) Implement the "Troma school" methodology and use canned public domain tunes? Or, C) Compose, perform and gather together one of the most entertaining, original and fresh soundtracks to grace a motion picture since Jerry Goldsmith's original Planet Of The Apes score in 1968?

The answer is C. The Taint (2010) features a brilliantly executed score by a series of artists including the 80's/8-bit synth-rock righteousness of an artist identified as Hot Convict aka Drew Bolduc the director of The Taint. This score takes the best of cheesy, "futuristic" synth soundtracks like Tron, Escape From New York, New Wave pop, and the editing ability of The Faint then makes them into a high-energy, adrenaline-fueled musical melt-down.

The sound track also features an amazing hair metal inspired ballad "We'll Meet Within the Shadows of Love" by Philip Heesen, Robert King and Brian Beck that recalls the strange spectacle of late 80's rock acts like Kix and White Snake.


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