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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shows: Zero Boys, Hives and Black Angels

The Hives@The Vogue 04/04/2013
The Hives
The Zero Boys open for the The Hives at the Vogue in Indy on March 4th 2013.

This Spring there are two incredible shows coming to The Vogue in Broad Ripple in north eastern Indianapolis. On March 4th 2013, punk institution The Zero Boys are opening for Swedish post-punk phenomena The Hives. The Hives are a dynamic band with heavy influences coming from Iggy Pop and The Stooges and MC5 with a wild, irreverent nod to some modern post-punkers including Franz Ferdinand and in the same "high energy" style and tempo of The Vines.

The Hives began as a high school house party band in 1993 and went to on to major label success in 1997. Their hits include "Main Offender" from their break-out album Veni Vidi Vicious in 2002 and "Tick Tick Boom" from 2007's The Black And White Album. In 2006, Spin Magazine rated The Hives in the top ten best live rock shows. Notably The Hives covered "Civilization's Dying" by The Zero Boys in 2010 on an EP titled Tarred and Feathered.

The Black Angels@The Vogue 05/07/2013
Black Angels
The Black Angels based in Austin, Texas will be playing the Vogue in Indy on May 11th 2013.

The next can't miss show is also at the Vogue on May 11th 2013. The Austin Texas based psyche-rock (neo-psychedelic) The Black Angels have begun to explode in terms of popularity in the past 10 months beginning with headline the Austin Psyche Fest in 2012 and being featured on NPR's "Tiny Desk" pod and telecast.

Formed in May 2004, the band's name comes directly from the Velvet Underground song "The Black Angel's Death Song".

Each of The Black Angels four albums (Black Angels, Directions To See a Ghost, Phosphene Dream and Passover) are each amazing. There are Doors inspired vocals from frontman Christian Bland and guitarists Rishi Dhir and Alex Maas and plenty of fresh originality as they flesh out a genre that ended when The Ramones broke folk's collective back once-and-for-all in the early 1970's.


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