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Monday, January 28, 2013

Deep Cuts: Noise/Sludge

Convocation/Chrissakes Split LPChrisakes are an Athens, Georgia band. Athens is famous in the south for being the flashpoint for bands like R.E.M., Danger Mouse, Drive-By Truckers, Harvey Milk and Of Montreal. With so much distinctive and good music coming out of one town it's hard to get noticed as a band - unless you are Chrissakes.

Part Jesus Lizard, part Big Black and part Seattle sludge rock, Chrissakes was formed in 2007 with Drew Smith on Guitar/Vocals, Helen Rhinehart on Bass and Rob Thomason on Drums.

The band broke up in 2012 after Rob Thomason left the group but has left a strong impression among rock music fans with the LP Convocation, released in March of 2011, by Buffalo's One Percent Press.


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