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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Screen Shots: Sasquatch Illustration Project

Sasquatch Front View by Patricia BakerSasquatch Side View by Patricia Baker
Sasquatch illustrations made from first-hand witness accounts by Canadian artist Patricia Baker.

Sasquatch Illustration barely begins to quench my unspeakable Sasquatch lust. The site does so in the way that the old National Enquirer used to - and this inquiring mind still needs to know. The old National Enquirer's outrageously bogus regular features on Bat Boy and El Chupa Cabra made these assorted moonshine inspired hallucinations seem real and endearing in a strange sort of way. Fake or not, I wanted Bat Boy to live.

So, let's hear a little more about the project from the responsible party, Canadian artist and webmaster Patricia Baker, speaking about her very unique site:

"In this website, I'll ... illustrate witness sightings with as much accuracy as I'm able, in order to help form a better knowledge base about these animals. A major focus for this project is to gain a clearer picture of Sasquatch facial features."

Sasquatch Mystery Abides Public Shocked
Old National Enquirer, I miss you. Please come home?

Baker goes on to say:

"Working in much the same way that a police sketch artist works, I conduct a series of interviews with a witness who has had a relatively close-up sighting and has seen features that he or she can describe. The illustration process is done by email, phone, or in person with complete confidentiality. A series of sketches are created in this way until the witness feels satisfied that the final depiction is as close as possible to what they saw."

Oh yeah. That's the stuff. Any other oddities on Big Foot, Bat Boy or El Chupa Cabra out there? Send 'em on in! Meanwhile, keep watchin' them trails, folks.


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