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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deep Cuts: Experimental

Power Animal People SongsPhiladelphia's Power Animal is a experimental, modern music production that is the brain-child of the well-liked and well-respected Mr. Keith Hampson and his ever-shifting group of musical collaborators.

The band's seminal "People Songs" from January of 2010 launched the band on a national tour with a brilliant and sometimes introspective record. It's required listening for fans of lo-fi, indie and experimental work like Daniel Johnston and Sebadoh. The album is a look at how people interact badly with each other but is told with great vocal performances from Hampson and a reflective personal warmth that is impossible to mistake.

The newest release in October of this year is entitled Excorism which was followed by a re-mix album (much like Beck's Odelay Deluxe Edition). Power announced on Bandcamp that for every $2 that you pay for Exorcism on Bandcamp, $1.50 will provide 3 meals for those in need through Philabundance while the other 50 cents will go toward funding future charitable projects with Human Kindness Overflowing.


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