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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deep Cuts: Psyche Rock

The Psychic Ills album Dins.The Psychic Ills, founded in 2003, do not sound like what you think a typical NYC act sounds like. There's no punk aesthetic, for one. It's almost entirely low key and down tempo music that is only briefly punctuated by frantic orchestral movements. This technique may symbolize the experience of emotional turmoil coming in the middle of a deep desire for tranquility - a jarring thing surrounded by waves of euphoric bliss. Each album sounds different and distinctive, sometimes using altogether different types of instruments such as electronic/drum machines on 2003's debut "Early Violence" to create this effect and also finding a way for each album to come from it's own sonic "place" with more of a retro approach as heard on "Dins" released in 2006.

Their latest creation, “One Track Mind” was released on February 13th 2013.

The current line-up, signed to Sacred Bones (Moon Duo), Psychic Ills consists of Tres Warren (guitar, vocals), Elizabeth Hart (bass), Chris Millstein (drums), Scott Ryan Davis (Guitar), and Scott Davis (keyboard). The band just announced their touring schedule including the following US show dates:

February 17th Nashville, TN: The Exit/In
March 1st San Francisco, CA: Hemlock Tavern
March 9th Minneapolis, MN.: 7th Street Entry
March 11th Chicago, IL.: Empty Bottle
March 12th Cleveland, OH.: Beachland Tavern

Psychic Ills - I Knew My Name

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