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Friday, August 26, 2011

Deep Cuts: Experimental

Catalpa Catalpa - 001 Hardon CityOne of the most interesting developments in music today is surprisingly not in alt rock or new re-interpretations of classical music. This development is due to an unlikely confluence of technology and musical talent at the NYC based OpSound label who produce albums by Catalpa, Catalpa.

The group's sound is kind of like an homage to Primal Scream, The Orb and modern movie soundtracks. On their first album entitled "001 Hardon City" the tracks are made up of rich, inquisitive soundscapes that don't drift into Negativland - but do border it. This sound is unmistakably music - not a badly mixed series of samples poorly stapled together.

Catalpa, Catalpa is a collection of non-geographically centralized Internet collaborators mainly in New York and Paris. The group is named after a giant flowering tree (20–39 feet wide) common in North America that's a popular habitat for many types of birds, providing them good shelter from rain and wind. This project not only supports downloads of their own original music they encourage downloads as a policy for musical collaboration.

Catalpa Catalpa - Going To Be Super Daddy


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