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Monday, August 22, 2011

Screen Shots: Warrick Page

Israel border guard photo by Warrick Page
Israel border guard photo shot by Warrick Page in Winter of 2004.

Photojournalist Warrick Page is a native of Melbourne, Australia who graduated from Deakin University in Victoria with a B.A. in in Professional Writing and Journalism in 2003. As of 2004 Page began actively working as a photographer/stringer for the Associated Press in the Middle East.

His first professional assignment as a photojournalist involved spending over 4 months in Israel and Palestine photographing the constant unrest for global news services. Afterwards, Warrick moved to onto Pakistan where he has been based since November of 2004 working as a freelancer for Panos Pictures.

Page continually demonstrates a very high regard for his subjects regardless of their nationality. Page displays an almost supernatural eye for their stories and surroundings which are almost always at war by bringing out the undeniably human tragedy of all those who are caught in the crossfire of Middle East politics.


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