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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deep Cuts From Bloggy's Vault: Americana

Mason Reed - You Can't Come Back From Heaven
O.K, hipsters, hi. Do you, like me, wonder where modern country music in the vein of Waylon Jennings or Buck Owens comes from? Where, in the age of Youtube and rootless metrospeak, does this sound come from?

This sound comes from them modern day troubadours who've made their way from places like the Zone (where Mexicans and grizzled storytellers come from) to tell us about hard livin' minus glitter, jell-o shots or Rolling Stone "picks": heartache and bitter loss, no drum machine included.

Musicians like veteran solo artist Mason Reed are a part of this sound. His new album "You Can't Come Back from Heaven" is what a modern day Waylon Jennings or a Phoenix born Tom Waits would be recording right now. Listen, buy, recommend - right now.

Mason Reed - Not Perfect.mp3 (4.5 mb)

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