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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deep Cuts From Bloggy's Vault: Horror Punk

Danzig: Her Black Wings Single
Glenn Danzig's 33 year career in music, beginning in 1977 in New Jersey with The Misfits, uniquely combines elements from b-movies, the occult, punk, rock, and heavy metal music into his own genre: Horror Punk. As a singer, his baritone vocal range and distinctive style has been compared to Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison. As a writer, his material deals with awfull b-movie monsters come to life in the city streets ("I Turned Into A Martian" and "Hollywood Babylon") or darkly sexual themes ("Her Black Wings" and "Die, Die My Darling").

With The Misfits, Danzig recorded two landmark albums ("Earth A.D." and "Walk Among Us"), with Samhain he released two more albums, as simply Danzig he produced nine albums two of which, Danzig I and II, were featured on MTV and listed in Billboard magazine - shattering many preconceptions of Danzig as too raw or uncomprimising of an artist to break into mainstream music. In addition to working within his genre, Danzig started a "weird and violent" adult comic label called Verotik in 1990 and wrote songs for other musicians, including Johnny Cash ("Thirteen") and Roy Orbison ("You And Me" from the Less Than Zero soundtrack). His upcoming album, "Deth Red Sabaoth", is scheduled for release in June of 2010.

Danzig II - Her Black Wings.mp3 (4.3 mb)

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