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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Animation: The Rat In The Hat

Fantasia Character Sheet ca. 1938
Image courtesy of Michael Sporn Animation Inc. and Bill Peckmann. Click above for a full-size image.

Fantasia, which began life as an animated nine-minute Mickey Mouse short entitled the Sorcerer's Apprentice (1938), was originally released in New York City on November 13th 1940 by Walt Disney Productions itself as a roadshow release since Disney's distributor, the flagging RKO Radio Pictures backed out of the film.

Prior to the film's premiere in NYC, the final scene (the Ave Maria sequence) was completed, developed, printed, and rushed via airplane to New York the same day - where it was spliced into the film just four hours before showtime.

The film went on to win two Special Academy Awards in 1941 for production and direction. Improbably enough, a live action version of the story is being released by Disney in 2010 featuring Nick Cage.


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