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Friday, February 5, 2010

Under Review: Nosferatu D2

London's Nosferatu D2 Halloween 2006
London's Nosferatu D2 Halloween of 2006. Photo courtesy of Click Music.

The Parker brothers, Ben and Adam, are the song-writers behind the on-again-off-again London based Nosferatu D2. The crowd favorite is known for their melodic maelstorms of flattened hopes and lofty dreams that are all well out of reach. With very little more than a website and a bizarre work ethic they've been compared by fans to Pavement but fit more in the tradition of Jon Bernson's Ray's Vast Basement in San Francisco or Philladelphia's low-key genius Keith Hampson's Power Animal. The driving force behind the music is an individual viewpoint and talent as a creative force versus a chaotic world that doesn't give two fucks about any of it.

A Footnote is the strongest track from 2005's non-album release of several MP3's through ND2's Last FM and Myspace pages. In March of 2007 they played their last show. In October of 2009, Audio Anti-Hero Records released "We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise" which is ND2's first official album. This features tracks like I Killed Burt Bacharach and Footnote with lyrics like "Every Band I Ever Loved Has Eventually Let Me Down".

Who knows what the future holds for this band. The whole stuttered development of the band seems to represent the cycle of dreams and disappointments that the Parker brothers' music represents so well.

Nosferatu D2 - Live at The Spitz.mp3 (49mb)


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