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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Deep Cuts: Godzilla Rock

Daikaiju - Monsters Of SurfNo not Pink Floyd's The Wall or Yes's Tales from Topographic Oceans but concept rock with 500 foot tall monsters being battled by an elusive group of brave superheroes called Daikaiju (pronounced DIE-kai-joo).

Kaiju and specifically Daikaiju means giant monster and "godlike" giant monster respectively. The terms originate from the Japanese film genre where Godzilla and Power Rangers emerged from. Very appropriately too because the members of the band have discarded their actual identities and are known as Secret-man (guitar), Rock-man (guitar), Hands-man (drums) and Rumble-man (bass).

Self-described as a band that "creates divine psychic wind for your special defense!" the group is known for their national tours and transcendent live performances. Their sound comes from the best of surf and garage is like seeing to a Man Or Astroman? show with Dick Dale playing lead. Very little of the bands origins or current base of operations is known at this time.


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