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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Deep Cuts: Psych-Pop

Ty Segall TwinsTwins is the seventh studio album by San Francisco singer-songwriter Ty Segall. Twins is his third release of 2012, preceded by Slaughterhouse and Hair. From 2008 to today, Segall has released a total of eight albums - averaging one album every five months for the past six years.

Part of the reason for Segall's prolific output is because there are so many bands and artists that have been adopted by San Francisco. This has created strong self-supporting indie industries supported directly by fans, bars, clubs, shows for local folk and punk bands. Segall's music is a hybrid of folk and punk. It's a chimera created from the two polar opposites - psyche for the heads and distorted and raging riffs for the hardcore fans.

In these pockets of music, local indie musicians and artists have put their efforts together with collectives like Tim Presley's White Fence based in Los Angeles enough to be published nationally on labels like Warwick, New York based Woodsist and Chicago based Drag City.

Segall's Twins album features collaborations with Tim Presley (who also co-wrote many songs on Hair) and other San Francisco based musicians on tracks like "The Hill" with it's opening courtesy of Thee Oh Sees’ Brigid Dawson. In 2012, both White Fence and Thee Oh Sees joined Segall on his national tour. In 2014, Segall and White Fence have announced new tour dates for the early part of the year in southern California, Texas and New Mexico.

Ty Segall - Love Fuzz

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