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Monday, May 28, 2012

Deep Cuts: Alt-Rock

Wilco The Whole Love Deluxe EditionSince rebooting with their 7th record simply entitled "the album" in summer of 2009, Wilco has been creating a consistently warm, appealing, crowd-wowing sound from incredibly well-written lyrics and ensemble musical performances. This continues with the group's 8th album, The Whole Love.

A band with a 25 year of history, Wilco boasts a large following and influence on rock/alternative music, their new album features stand-out tracks like The Whole Love, Born Alone and Dawned on Me. These outrageously good tracks are a great mix of folk-rock, raucous guitar melodies and song-writing full of wryness and winding roads that recall Yankee Foxtrot Hotel's (2002) seminal song War On War.

The deluxe version contains 16 tracks (12 on the original release) including I Love My Label, Message From Mid-Bar, Speak Into The Rose and an alt-country version of song Black Moon.

Wilco - Whole Love

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