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Friday, May 25, 2012

Metro: Last Light

A new game THQ Studios promises the best of survival-horror and stealth in 2012.

A new game from THQ Studios and developer 4A Games promises the best of survival-horror and stealth for PC, XBOX and PS3 in December of 2012. The game itself is hauntingly rendered with wall-to-wall texture maps to create a ruined Moscow set in a metropolitan atmosphere of decay.

What THQ did to add to the game-play was succeed where many, many games have failed. In games like classic FPS Black live action vignettes are incorporated to create/enhance story and interest but they fail by being relegated to a B-Team who don't have the budget or expertise to fully realize the main story arc. In Metro Last Light, this is not the case. The live action sequences and teasers for the game are on par with Hollywood productions such as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) - truly amazing stuff.

This game is available for pre-order now and due out December of 2012.


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