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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Off The Shelf: Instrument

Ian MacKaye, Guy Piccioto, Brendan Canty, Jerry Busher and Joe Lally are Fugazi.

Director Jem Cohen (long time R.E.M. rockumentarian) presents a look at 10 years of Fugazi's 16 year run as a meaningfully central force in punk/indie rock. Although the band has been inactive since 2002: fans, musicians and artists have come to deeply respect Ian MacKaye's no nonsense approach to rock and massive song library.

Instrument is possibly the best and least self-aggrandizing rockumentary ever made. This documentary contains the same biting, unflinching insight that inspired a small white kid in the mostly black inner city of Washington D.C. to aspire to lead a band called Minor Threat minus the racism and alcoholism. In the 80's Minor Threat and Black Flag they were Punk Rock to the world at large.

Today in 2011, Ian is active in a two-piece band called The Evens, drummer Brenden Canty is a highly active composer with 19 indie films to his credit, vocalist/guitarist Guy Piccioto has produced two Blonde Redhead albums and bassist Joel Lally released a solo album in 2006, toured with the Melvins and now lives in Rome.


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