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Friday, July 29, 2011

Deep Cuts: UK Punk

Johnny And The Self-AbusersBefore the Simple Minds were an internationally successful band they were a series of school boy hardcore bands playing crumby dives in Glasgow. Among the best of their early efforts in the mid-1970's was Johnny And The Self Abusers.

The Self-Abusers were a Scottish version of Black Flag, a raging, self-destructive punk outfit, that played it's first show on Easter Sunday in Glascow in 1977. The Self-Abusers, dubbed "Johnny Plague", "Pripton Weird", "Sid Syphilis" and future Simple Minds guitarist and drummer Chuck Burchill chose "Charlie Argue". The foursome managed to release just one 7-inch record from the short-lived punk label Chiswick entitled Saints and Sinners.

Johnny And The Self Abusers - Pablo Picasso

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