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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shows: Interpol@The Vogue 7/22

Science and Rock had two radically different children: TMBG and Interpol.

Two good things come together July 22nd 2011: The Vogue, a spacious venue in scenic Broad Ripple and Interpol a one-of-a-kind rock band that has been making a mark in rock 'n roll since forming in 1997 in New York City.

The band features the music that My Chemical Romance's (Life on the Murder Scene) and The Dwarves years of cover art promises: an emotionally distant and intricate description of a brutal, yet posh, murder. Interpol's cover art for Our Love To Admire features just that peculiar concept - that a clinically detached and clinically depressed view of murder as a cold-hearted act that is as unavoidable as it is instinctual.

Opening for Interpol are San Fransisco based Soft Moon who sound like a an even "colder wave" version of The Faint in a musical row with the Bau Haus.

Interpol will also be at Bogart's on Short Vine in Cincinnati 7/06!


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