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Friday, May 27, 2011

Deep Cuts: Alt Rock

The Hiders - Penny Harvest FieldThe Hiders' 2008 release Penny Harvest Field is a follow-up to their brilliant Valentine released in 2006. The Cincinnati based alt-rock act's musical influences seem to range from alt-country to mainstream rock containing Fogerty, Petty, Greenwood (Radiohead) and Neil Young. Their live sound is true to their studio sound which is kind of a seamless arrangement of guitar and vocal harmonies.

According to a long-time anchor member of the band, the album's title refers to an annual Brooklyn based project to collect individual pennies from students, parents and teachers. This collection amounted to over $1 million US dollars in 2007.

The Hiders - Waiting For You.mp3 (5.1 mb)

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