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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Deep Cuts From Bloggy's Vault: Punk

Piss Ant - Your Best Sucks!Punk rock gets reported dead every decade. New bands come along each year to wake up a handful of people to that fact that punk is unkillable. Punk/hardcore is unkillable as the factors that produce and sustain the genre.

Exhibit A: Piss Ant. A punk-ska outfit hailing from Roanoke, VA. currently on the Road while you (the Internet) sleep soundly and totally unaware of this long-running musical tradition. While yer catching some Z's Piss Ant is pounding out their own brand of rock to dense crowds of insomniacs, loadies, douches, chicks, and yours effin' truly at 1 AM Eastern.


Piss Ant - Egomaniac.mp3 (3.7 mb)

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