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Monday, February 1, 2010

Deep Cuts From Bloggy's Vault: Ratatat

Rat-A-Tat: LP.3Rat-A-Tat features a blazing synthesis of guitar anthems, techno derived melodies with a range of influences including The Minibosses, 8-bit Nintendo jams and Spanish folk guitar rhythms.

Originally performing as Cherry in 2001, the New York duo's renamed itself with it's self-titled debut album Rat-A-Tat. This first album was mixed on a Mac Powerbook in Crown Heights in Brooklyn and released in 2004. Since then Rat-A-Tat has opened for Bjork, The Faint and Franz Ferdinand and released four original albums, two re-mix albums and even a "classic hits" album in August of 2007.

LP5, the groups' fifth release is currently being recorded and could be released as soon as Spring of 2014.

Sciller by Ratatat Stroud/Mast


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