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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deep Cuts From Bloggy's Vault: Punk

Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)
In the era of punk and politics there are no other voices like Jello Biafra. As the creative force behind the seminal Dead Kennedys he challenged the classic hypocrisies of an era of Reaganomics, "voodoo" ecomonics, institutionalized racism, the emergence of an American police state, consumerism and vapid TV culture.

Decades of million dollar lawsuits by former members against Jello began as soon as the band broke up in 1986. After being acquitted in August of 1987 of criminal obscenity charges and settling the civil suits in 2005 by selling the DK library to LA's Manifesto Records Jello - his label Alternative Tentacles has been very active. He's a regular on the spoken word circuit and his new work with the Melvins as the Jelvins is the best music he's recorded since his days with Lard.

Dead Kennedys - Halloween.mp3

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