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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shows: Jesus And Mary Chain@The Vogue

Alt-rock originals The Jesus And Mary Chain will be playing in Indy on Thursday September 20th 2012.

From the Scottish band's formation in 1983 to it's break-up in 1999 the co-founding Reid brothers careers in music have seen the first wave of Punk, the introduction of Metal, Hair, Grunge and the full blossoming of Alt and Indie.

Over this 16 year period in rock, The Jesus And Mary Chain has carved their own unmistakable brand of searing, distinctive guitar rhythms, pounding drums and vocal performances that ranges from utter detachment to hard-hitting and sinister.

The band embodied disenchanted, disenfranchised groups of young people who were educated enough to see through bleak, pre-packaged "First World" lifestyles that only seemed to perpetuate more mindless behavior. There was a glowering fury at pointless and deeply ingrained ignorance that happily perpetuated injustice, hypocrisy, illness and then failed to acknowledge the existence of a personal identity outside of societal norms.

After a eight year split, in January of 2007, the band confirmed for Coachella, re-formed. The Reids new line-up includes Phil King on bass, Loz Colbert on drums and Mark Crozer on guitar. The Jesus And Mary Chain will be playing in Indy on Thursday September 20th 2012 as part of a new international tour.


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