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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deep Cuts: Neo-Pyschedelia

The Laurels - PlainsThe Laurels, formed in 2006, are a lesser known act from Sydney, Australia. The group made a strong showing at the 5th annual Austin Psych Fest in April in Texas and are currently looking for American distribution.

The Psych festival, itself, showcases underground acts such as The Black Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre (this year's headliners) and is a growing platform to launch acts into the national arena.

The Laurels are strongly influenced by periphery 90's rock acts such The Jesus And Mary Chain as well as a strong resemblance to the later Beatles "looser" song structure and and early Oasis vocal harmonics as heard in there first EP Mesozoic in July of 2011. Their new full-length album Plains was just released in July of 2012 on the Australian Rice Is Nice label.


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