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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deep Cuts: Experimental Rock

Ween The PodThe Pod is the second studio album by Ween, originally released by Shimmy Disc in September of 1991. The Pod was named for the apartment Dean and Gene shared in which all of the album's songs were recorded is the the band's most surreal record.

The cover art on this album is a take-off of the 1975 The Best of Leonard Cohen record cover. Ween simply positioned a photo of Mean Ween's head (wearing a "nitrous oxide powered bong" which is sometimes mistaken for a "Scotchgard bong") over Cohen's cover art. The Pod, according to Ween-lore, was written under the influence of Scotchgard, but this was later refuted by Gene and Dean themselves as being "the most slime-bag thing we could think of". The contraption on the cover of The Pod is not a Scotchgard inhalation device, but a bong-like device used to send THC directly to the brain by use of nitrous oxide, which was said to leave the user intoxicated for days.

Ween - Sketches Of Winkle

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