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Friday, February 3, 2012

Deep Cuts: Experimental

Diffrent Strokes This Isnt ItWhen a band like The Strokes suddenly pave the way for rock revival in America people take notice. The band's debut record "This Is It" sold 50,000 copies it's first week in 2001, and 2 million copies by 2003. The Strokes, an "underground" band often seen as a loss by major labels, single handedly opened doors for The White Stripes and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs for nation wide audiences with their over-whelming success.

Enter the unlikeliest Strokes tribute band, or possibly of any tribute band that has taken original music in another direction, The Diff'rent Strokes. In 2002, U.K. label Guided Missile released a four track note-for-note synth-pop cover of "This Is It" entitled "This Isn't It". Widely regarded as "bad" by critics it is however very entertaining and at times awe-inspiring.


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