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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deep Cuts: Alt-Rock

Gaezzetti First AdventureGaezzetti are a alt-rock outfit from New Jersey with pop and rock influences, notably R.E.M., on Now & Ever Records - the label that helped launch Dillinger Escape Plan in 1997. Gaezzetti take their name from an Italian dialect word for newspapers (Gazzetti). The groups 2009 album First Adventure is a short but solid album that effortlessly wanders from full on celebrations of living (Lost & Found Part II) to darker reflections of the endless efforts in trying create success in a harsh and unrelenting world (Not Getting Any Younger).

Until this year, the band offered a full downloadable version of First Adventure at but the site has been temporarily shut down and the album is no longer available at Amazon or Myspace.

Gaezzetti - Not Getting Any Younger


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