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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deep Cuts: Punk Rock

The Clash SandinistaA Happy Christmas to you happy campers with something real special for this fine Christmas season - The Clash's fourth studio album, Sandinista originally released in 1980. The album was named after a grass-roots revolutionary party formed in Nicaragua that eventually became the ruling government after many years of struggle. The album was released while the Sandinista were actively fighting in the hills for power against the remnants of the previous regime.

The 36 song collection was re-released in 1990 as contemporary bands that The Clash toured with in the 70's and 80's had begun fading away due to bitter in-fighting and sheer exhaustion. By 1990, The Ramones had played nearly 2,000 shows and the lead singer for DK, Jello Biafra, was being sued by his own band for a quarter of million dollars plus legal expenses.

This three-disc collection collects some of the best and most over-looked anthems inspired by Combat Rock and London Calling including: Career Opportunities, Silicone On Sapphire and The Police On My Back, a searing political song originally by punk-reggae outfit The Equals in 1965.

The Clash - Police On My Back

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