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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deep Cuts: Psychobilly

The Cramps - Stay SickWhen you say rock 'n roll you mean the Cramps: part rock history, part sexy sleaze and all ragin' up into blisters.

The Cramps, founded in 1973 in Ohio, were one of the most genuinely controversial and well loved rock bands in America. Their unique blend of punk and rockabilly music was perfected at NYC's CBGB's in the late 1970's while playing with bands like The Ramones and The Talking Heads while being universally despised by music critics at the New York Times and Village Voice.

During their 30+ year run, the band played 1,000's of shows and released 13 albums. In 2009, The Cramps officially entered the history books when front man Lux Interior passed away as mainstream America shrugged and went back to staring blankly at it's iPhone.

The Cramps - Shortinin' Bread.mp3 (2.1 mb)

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