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Monday, March 28, 2011

Off The Shelf: Who Cares?

The Duane Peters phenomena involves a lotta stitches.

Duane Peters is nicknamed "The Master of Disaster" for a reason. He's a punk rock singer/songwriter and innovative professional skateboarder. Active since 1978, he is best known as the singer in the California punk rock band U.S. Bombs, which formed in 1993.

Peters is credited for inventing many tricks, such as the "acid drop" into a pool/bowl, the "layback grind", the "Indy air", the "Sweeper", the "backside layback grind revert", the "fakie hang-up" (a.k.a. "Disaster"), the "invert revert", the "fakie thruster", and the "loop of death", a full 360-degree rotation in a specially designed loop.

He's added acting to his resume and will be in the 2011 indie film Hostility Hotel set in San Fransisco. The film features the darker side of underground culture smashed up into a two-day drug binge.


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