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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off The Shelf: Taskmaster

Taskmaster #3Beginning in 1980, as a nemesis for the entire Avenger team in Avengers #195-196, The Taskmaster has stalked, barrel-rolled and back-flipped his way into the hearts of many comic fans. Mr. Master has even been included in the third installment of Marvel vs Capcom in 2011.

His origins, although mysterious even to himself, were humble, beginning in middle-class America. It was there that his strange ability for a chameleon-like "muscle memory" manifested. By simply watching a task being performed his body "recorded" it allowed him to play it over and over again. Soon after, he began using his quasi-mutant ability (Taskmaster is listed in databases as strictly non-mutant) to commit elaborate crime, continuing to push his power by taking on larger super-heroes. Notably Taskmaster continues to emulate some of the heroes he's battled including the Avengers' Capitan America, Black Knight, The Swordsman and Hawk-Eye using the best of their strength and weaponry against them.

The drawback for Taskmaster is that as he learns new abilities, his body "forgets" old ones. This weakness is also generally believed to include his thoughts and memories making Taskmaster a creature of an eternal present - acting and reacting with no past or future. The perfect instructor for S.H.I.E.L.D. but also for Hydra, Taskmaster knows no lasting loyalty only the here and now.

Several new books featuring The Taskmaster, such as Avengers Initiative and his own limited series, are out on store shelves now.


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