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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Off The Shelf: Hard Rock Heroes

Hard Rock HeroesThis 240-page graphic novel was released in March of 2010 by Blue Water Productions who also published Female Force: Margaret Thatcher, Logan's Run and have a Joan Jett comic coming out in June. This Hard Rock book features the biggest, dumbest bands in mainstream rock from 1980 to 1990.

This book, based on the unauthorized biographies originally put together by Todd Loren who was killed at age 32 in San Diego in 1992, covers that special time in music when big hair and men-in-women's make-up ruled mainstream rock with a curling iron, mopey choruses and dopey-eyed fans who affirmed the fact that yes, every rose really does have a thorn, player.

While this humble writer (and a few others) ran screaming from Glam Rock to bands like Dinosaur, Slayer, Ministry and the Butthole Surfers - America was dominated by bands featured in Hard Rock Heroes: Skid Row, Poison, Guns 'N Roses, Megadeth and Tesla - the absolute worst of cock/glam rock scene.

The book is terrible, but it's terrible in a way that will make your sides aches as you watch Ozzy mistakenly scarf on a live bat in Iowa or the boys from Poison "show just how much heart a band can have". There are also a few treats/fun facts for fans of Metallica, Faith No More and Pantera in the book which has art by many different artists including Dave Biggs (Megadeth), Lyndal Ferguson (Snotley Crue) and Mark Erickson (Black Sabbath and Ozzy).


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