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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deep Cuts From Bloggy's Vault: Rock

Wilco the album
I tried to get into Wilco, Internet, I really did. I sat down with their lyrics sheets that only seemed to baffle me into believing that the band echoed an "alty-er" version of Counting Crows or even the Black Crows with the smallest scoop of Bright Eyes thrown in - just to confuse the issue.

Then I heard Wilco, the album, a 2009 release on a local radio program. The album has just enough of Spiritualized's insight and bare boned approach to song-writing: in "I'll Fight" Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy writes: "I'll die alone, on some forgotten hill, abandoned by the mill, all my blood will spring and spill, I'll thrash the air, then be still" and the album's key track, "You Never Know", Tweedy gets even more morbid by writing: "it's a dream down a well, it's a long heavy hell, I don't care anymore..."

With rich melodious instrumental accompaniments and moments of strong lyricism Wilco surprisingly hit the exact right chords in the second half of this 2009 release.

Wilco - You Never Know.mp3 (4.9mb)

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