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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Under Review: J.D. Wilkes's Psychobilly Freak-Out

J.D. Wilkes photo by John Wurth
November 11th 2011 at The Madison in KY. Photo by Bob Samat.

The Legendary Shack Shakers are a wildly popular rock-a-billy band. Wildly popular in places like the former Eastern Bloc of Europe. Although they started out right here in the cold belly of America they've been sustained by the hardcore scene in Europe.

The Shack Shakers are fronted by J.D. Wilkes, an energetic musician and talented film maker. I caught 'em at The Madison Theater in Covington, KY. I can testify to some serious surly rock 'n roll action. They ripped it wide open.

Wilkes recently released a documentary about religion and music in the Appalachia Country called Seven Signs. This movie screened that night right before Rumble Club took the stage to stir up the crowd.

Wilkes has a biting insight into modern music and culture that he relates in his music. This humor, and sometimes retroactive grief for Appalachian culture free of crass commercialism, is also translated into films, paintings and comic strips. Below is a comic page from

J.D. Wilkes


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John Wurth said...

Thanks for the link to my Shack*Shakers photos!